Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Terror Awaits on an Abandoned Mining Facility in this Trailer for Infini

Infini is a sci-fi thriller from director and writer Shane Abbess (Gabriel). A trailer for this film was released late last year. Now, Entertainment One Films has released another, official trailer for the film. The clip shows the edges of space and an abandoned mining facility. Also, Infini stars Daniel MacPherson, Whit Carmichael and Luke Hemsworth. This title will be release shortly and a preview of the film is hosted here.

The film focuses on a lone survivor at a mining facility. Whit (MacPherson) requests a rescue and a team of explorers are sent to intervene. But, a terrible biological agent is set to be released and time is both precious and running out, for everyone.

The film blends elements of horror and science fiction. Much of the film is set in the future, where technology is greatly advanced. Meanwhile, it looks like the agent has already changed some of the characters into something very strange. One part Event Horizon (1997), one part James Cameron's Aliens (1986), Infini is high up on this film fan's must-see list.

Release Date: May 8th, 2015 (VOD). Director: Shane Abbess.

Writers: Shane Abbess and Brian Cachia.

Cast: Daniel MacPherson, Whit Carmichael, Grace Huang and Luke Hemsworth.

The official release trailer for Infini is here:

A fan page for the film is hosted here:

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