Friday, April 24, 2015

Australian Thriller Red Billabong Teases a Creature of the Night

Red Billabong is being shot in Queensland, Australia. The film is part thriller and part drama. In the film, several characters are stalked by an unknown entity. As well, Red Billabong stars Jessica Green (Rise), Tim Pocock (Lemon Tree Passage), Dan Ewing and John Reynolds. Being produced by Sparke Films, an unofficial poster has been released for the film.

The graphic shows characters and a single foe. The two brothers are prominent as menacing red eyes stare downwards. Is the creature supernatural? Film fans will have to wait for that answer, with the film expected to complete shooting shortly.

As well, a few stills have been released for the film. The photos show actors Tim Pocock and Sophie Don as Tristan and Anya. Both characters look to be in peril. A second still shows an unnamed character in the dark of night. The photos rest below.

Release Date: TBA. Director/writer: Luke Sparke.

Cast: Jessica Green, Tim Pocock, Dan Ewing and John Reynolds.

*a trailer will be released soon.

**a billabong is a stagnant pool of water.


Red Billabong at the Film Catalogue

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