Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pearry Teo's The Plague is Like a Needle in the Eye

A few details are emerging for director Pearry Teo's next film, The Plague. From the director of The Gene Generation (2007) and Necromentia (2009), Teo's The Plague is currently in development and this title will likely show at this year's American Film Market, in Santa Monica, California. The film involves a virus, which is spread through a spider's hatchlings. Then, these carnivorous spiders lay waste to the local populace. This horror title will release in 2015. The film's concept poster is here.

The poster shows one spider and a terrified eye. That eye looks to be infected already. As well, the tagline states: "they will come when you are asleep." These spiders like to lay eggs in their human hosts and the egg laying takes place during the witching hour. Fans of horror will want to keep The Plague on their radar as the film moves through production.

Release Date: 2015.

Director: Pearry Teo.

Producers: Pearry Teo and Roman Kopelevich.

*a trailer is coming soon.


The Plague at Red Sea Media

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