Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fairfield Documents the Zombie Apocalypse in these Early Stills

The horror website Dread Central has released several stills and a film poster for the zombie feature Fairfield. The film has been described as 28 Days Later meets The Breakfast Club. Some of the film's influences can be seen in the stills, hosted here. As well, the shots show several characters holed up in a high school as a zombie apocalypse takes place outside. This film is expected to release later this year. Your preview for Fairfield is below.

The story involves several students. A mysterious outbreak leaves many of the local town inhabited by screaming monsters. This group will have to band together, if they are to survive the night.

This indie film was financed through a Kickstarter campaign. The budget is low, but fans will see some heart in the stills hosted here. Some of the settings and characters are shown below.

Release Date: 2015.

Director: Mattheau O'Brien.

Writers: Isaac Shyamalan Loftus and Julian Singleton.

Cast: Juliet Landau, Chris Riggi, Grant Rosenmeyer, Chris Bellant and Mia Pinchoff.

A teaser trailer for the film is here:

A fan page of the film is available here:

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