Friday, September 19, 2014

Billy Club Packs a Punch this November on DVD: A Preview

Phase 4 Films is getting set to release Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer's Billy Club. Billy Club is an homage to '80s slashers of the past. In the film, several friends reunite fifteen years after the gruesome murders of their teammates. This film stars Marshall Caswell, Erin Hammond and Nick Sommer. A preview of the release is available here.

The story begins fifteen years after a tragedy. Several years ago, three members of a little league baseball team were murdered. In the present, a raging killer is bent on adding to his kill count. Every home run brings another death.

Billy Club is the second feature film from Drew Rosas. Rosas continues to debut quality, indie horror features. And, fans of horror can see more on his latest, below.

Release Date: November 11th, 2014 (DVD, US).

Director/writer: Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer.

Cast: Marshall Caswell, Erin Hammond and Nick Sommer.


Billy Club at Phase 4 Films

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