Thursday, January 09, 2014

Do You Like My Basement? Previews a Chainsaw Carrying Killer: Release Details

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Do You Like My Basement? is an indie horror film, from director Roger Sewhcomar. This title was filmed in New York. And, Do You Like My Basement? stars Jessica Alexandra Green (Remains), Eric Chase and others. This slasher title will debut on DVD January 28th, 2014, through Virgil Films.

The story for the film begins with Stanley Farmer (Charlie Floyd). He is a down and out director and Farmer has dreams of making the "perfect horror film" (Virgil). He just needs a little flesh before the cameras start rolling. Soon, real nightmares are created on celluloid!

Fans of indie horror can preview Do You Like My Basement? here. The film's official poster is above. The graphic shows some of the blood, which is spilled in the film. As well, a trailer for the film is hosted below. The clip shows Farmer interviewing several future cast mates. As well, an early still from this title is hosted below; the photo shows Farmer introducing the cast to his chainsaw. More details on the DVD release are waiting below.

Release Date: January 28th, 2014 (DVD).

Director/writer: Roger Sewhcomar.

Cast: Lian Allweiss, Maggie Balistreri, Lowell Byers and Eric Chase.

A trailer for Do You Like My Basement? is here:

*the film's runtime is 87 minutes and the DVD release is unrated.

More on the film can be found here:

Do You Like My Basement's Homepage

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