Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Blood Flows in the Dead of the Nite: A Preview

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Tagline: "Death Follows Those Who Seek It."

Indie horror title Dead of the Nite has recently been picked up by Acort International for distribution. A release date is yet to be announced. Though, the DVD art, featuring actor Tony Todd (Candyman), has been revealed. As well, a trailer for this film was also launched last month. Dead of the Nite stars Suzi Lorraine (Bikini Girls on Ice), Joseph Millson (Casino Royale), Cicely Tennant and Gary Mavers.

The film is shot partially in film footage style. Several ghost hunters head out to an ancient manor to discover the paranormal. They find something more fatalistic instead. The slaughter begins in the bowels of Jericho Manor.

Along with the official trailer, horror fans can view the DVD artwork for the film here. Todd is shown prominently as the character Ruber. He has his sickle ready for the unwary. More details on the film will be announced here, including a release date. You can view more gory goods below.

Director/writer: S.J. Evans.

Cast: Tony Todd, Joseph Millson, Cicely Tennant, Gary Mavers, Claudio Pacifico, Paul Fox, Simon Bamford and Suzi Lorraine.

The Dead of the Nite official trailer:

*the film was shot in Wales.


Dead of the Nite at Acort International

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