Monday, July 01, 2013

Aberration to Haunt DVD Store Shelve's September 17th

Tagline: "Now you see him; now you are dead."

Distributors Image Entertainment are set to release the ghost story Aberration to film fans. Aberration will release on DVD and video-on-demand formats September 17th. And now, the film's official DVD artwork is here.

In the story, Christy (Gwendolyn Garver) is a young woman torn between two worlds: the living and the dead. Tied to the paranormal, Christy begins to see strange visions and a young boy hounds her waking moments. Now, Christy will have to uncover a mystery that haunts her, before her reality is lost forever.

The DVD artwork, for the film, shows that terrifying little boy. And, death is coming for at least one character as suggested by the lifeless arm, in the lower frame.

Release Date: September 17th (DVD, VOD).

Director: Douglas Elford-Argent.

Cast: Gwendolyn Garver, Kristian Capalik, Cal Thomas, Bobbi Jean Basche, James Symington

*no trailer available.


Aberration at Image Entertainment

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