Saturday, March 02, 2013

Everyone is Guilty in C.B. Harding's Complicity: A Preview

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Murder has its consequences in C.B. Harding's Complicity. This title completed production in 2012. And now, Highland Film Group will move this thrilling title to a future release date.

The film's latest trailer shows treachery. Several high school students become involved in murder, after a young man is accidentally killed. College ambitions and a late night party are put on hold, until they can find a way to dispose of the body and put their group conscience to rest.

Complicity will begin a tour of the film festival circuit shortly. This title already has plans for a showing at the Boston International Film Festival. This preview will take place April 13th. Other showings are expected to be announced soon. For now, check out the exciting trailer for Complicity below.

Release Date: April 13th (Limited Theatrical).

Director: C.B. Harding.

Cast: Heather Hemmens, Shoshana Bush, Jenna Boyd, Logan Hoffman, August Emerson, Josh Janowicz, Haley Ramm, Sean Young, and T.J. Wilkins.

The trailer for the film is here:

Complicity at the Highland Film Group:

Complicity Synopsis Details at HFG

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