Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Preview Federico Zampaglione's Erotic Thriller Tulpa with this Trailer

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Tulpa is the latest thriller developed by Italian director Federico Zampaglione (Shadow). This sexualized title involves a businesswoman, who finds her spirituality through anonymous coital embraces. But, someone is killing off her many lovers. Afraid to reveal her lifestyle to authorities, Lisa (Claudia Gerini) seeks out this madman on her own.

The first trailer for Tulpa was released late last week. And, the clip is posted here for those who missed it. The reel shows Lisa in all forms of debauchery as she later sees her friends brutally murdered. More details on this film are below.

Director: Federico Zampaglione.

Writers: Federico Zampaglione and Dardano Sacchetti and Giacomo Gensini.

Cast: Nuot Arquint, Laurence Belgrave, Michela Cescon, Yohann Chopin and Claudia Gerini.

The first official trailer for Tulpa:

Tulpa at Jinga Films:

Tulpa Details at Jinga Films

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