Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A House is Not a Home Teases Something From the Shadows: First Trailer

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DeInstitutionalized LLC has released the first trailer for the supernatural thriller A House is Not a Home. In the film, a family moves into a haunted home. They are terrorized by something in the shadows and an occult priest can do nothing to save them.

A House is Not a Home has gathered an excellent cast. Bill Cobbs plays a real estate agent in the clip, who sells the Williams family a possessed house. As well, actor and producer Gerald Webb is Ben Williams. Williams is a family man who is trying desperately to protect his family. Fans of film might also recognize Eddie Steeples as the occult priest, despite his very different aesthetics. Richard Grieco and Melvin Gregg round out the cast, in this clip.

Release Date: 2013.

Director: Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray.

Director of Photography: Alexander Yellen.

Producers: Gerald Webb and Christopher Ray. Co-producer: Richard Grieco.

Cast: Bill Cobbs, Eddie Steeples, Richard Grieco, and Melvin Gregg.

The trailer for the film is here:

More on this film will be revealed at the DeInstitutionalized website, found here:

DeInstitionalized's Official Website

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