Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Undead Labs Previews State of Decay in this "Tactics" Clip

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There are a few zombie games that have been released recently, or are slated for a 2013 release. The Last of Us is a survivalist game set for release in May of 2013. As well, The War Z has already been released this year for the home computer. However, this gaming fan continues to keep his sights on the upcoming apocalyptic title State of Decay. This is a third person action adventure that puts the player in the midst of the zombie hordes. This open world title will release exclusively on the PC and Xbox Live Arcade shortly.

A few clips have been launched for this title. The official trailer was released by Undead Labs for this game over 3 months ago. Most recently, this game design studio has released a third clip for this outing titled "Tactics." In the short two minute clip, the gamescape is previewed along with the undead and one character. The reel shows how to loot for supplies, while calling in reinforcements. Gamers or fans of the looming zombie apocalypse can preview the latest clip from Undead Labs below.

Release Date: 2013.

Developer: Undead Labs.

Publisher: Microsoft.

The clip titled "Tactics" is hosted here:

*the game's premise is based on a few simple questions: what if society came to a screeching halt? And, what if rules and laws no longer mattered?

More on State of Decay is available at Undead Labs:

State of Decay at Undead Labs

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