Monday, December 10, 2012

Todor Chapkanov's Vampyre Nation is Now Set to Let the Blood Flow: A Preview

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UFO International has released the first trailer for their upcoming disaster film Vampyre Nation. This is an action piece set in a horror universe, where vampires live peacefully with humans. Then, something goes wrong. The vampires are being hunted and the "Vampire Crimes Division" wants to know who that hunter is.

Vampyre Nation has now been completed and a release date will be announced shortly. UFO International and the SyFy Network have developed a long-term working relationship. So, expect to see Vampyre Nation on this channel shortly. The first trailer for the film is hosted below.

Release Date: 2012-2013.

Director: Todor Chapkanov.

Cast: Andrew Lee Potts, Ben Lambert, Neil Jackson, and Claudia Bassols.

The official trailer for Vampyre Nation is here:

*this title will release on French television via the SyFy Network late in 2012.


Vampyre Nation at UFO Films

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