Monday, December 24, 2012

Flutter Brings the Devil to the Gambling House: A Preview

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Tagline: "Everyone Has A Price."

Flutter is a thriller from the United Kingdom that deals with an out-of-control gambler. John (Joe Anderson) will do anything for money. Soon, his relationships suffer. John cannot say no to a mysterious bookie, who seems to delight in his suffering.

Flutter has recently been touring the film festival circuit. Most recently, this title had an appearance at the British Independent Film Festival (May, 2012). This title does not have a release date in the UK or North America; however, fans of film can view the terrorific official trailer for Flutter below.

Director: Giles Borg.

Writer: Stephen Leslie.

Cast: Joe Anderson, Anna Anissimova, Billy Zane, Laura Fraser, Luke Evans, Max Brown, Anton Lesser, Autumn Federici, and Richard Reid.

The official trailer for Flutter is here


Flutter at Stealth Media Group

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