Friday, November 16, 2012

Samantha Looks for the Bloody Truth in this First Trailer for The Awakened

The Awakened is a thriller that focuses on the character Samantha (Julianne Michelle). She returns home, after 14 years, to track down her mother's killer. There are a number of suspects. Even Samantha's father could be behind this brutal act. Soon, an entire town is suspect as cover-ups, betrayals and double-dealings lead Samantha astray.

The first trailer for the Awakened shows Samantha and her family at odds. She does not know who to trust. Edward Furlong (Below Zero), John Savage (Deer Hunter), Steven Bauer (Scarface) and Julianne Michelle (Apartment 1303 3D) star in this exciting tale of revenge, murder and diminishing hope.

Release Date: 2013.

Director: Arno Alarone, Arno Malarone and Joycelyn Engle.

Writers: Christopher M. Capwell and Joycelyn Engle.

Cast: Julianne Michelle, John Savage, Steven Bauer, Edward Furlong, Stelio Savante, Sally Kirkland, and Bryan Dechart.

The film's trailer is here:

The homepage for the Awakened is here:

The Awakened Official Website

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