Thursday, November 01, 2012

Lord Bateman Shows His Demonic Side in this Early Clip

Dismal Productions is moving ahead with their horror title Lord Bateman. This is a period piece set in the 16th Century. Here, the noble Bateman searches for victims to entertain his murderous urges. Part demon and part man, Bateman succumbs to delusions of hell and the Devil himself.

Lord Bateman now has a short video clip that shows characters from the film. Actor Bill Oberst Jr. is seen as Bateman in full makeup. He terrorizes two girls played by Anna Pullig and Alice Orozco. This clip was meant create tone and moode for the picture, which is expected to release in 2014. Have a look below.

Release Date: 2014.

Producers: Seth Metoyer, and Bill Oberst Jr.

Photography: Thomas and Spencer Filichia

Makeup: Marky Andrews

Cast (in photos): Bill Oberst Jr., Anna Pullig and Alice Orozco.

The production video is here:

The film's fan page is here:

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