Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Ryan Nicholson Promises a Big F&%ing Monster Movie: A Preview

Tagline: "They were warned. Now, they are screwed."

While talking to director Ryan Nicholson (Bleading Lady) at Dedfest '12, he mentioned that he was working on a new indie horror title. It involved a creature and several doomed college students. That film is called Big F&%^ing Monster. This indie horror feature is currently in post-production and some details are available here.

Big F*^&ing Monster is a backwoods thriller in which several college students become ensnared by a vicious evil. An internship soon turns into a nightmare as the stuff of legends is brought to life. The story promises lots of bloodshed.

Those interested in creature features can preview Big F^%&ing Monster here. The film's first poster is hosted above and horror fans can view the film's mysterious beast early, in the graphic. As well, the film's trailer is hosted below. In the clip, several friends find something lurking on reserve land. Big F*^%ing Monster will terrorize viewers as soon as distribution is found. More details on this title are below.

Release Date: 2012.

Director: Ryan Nicholson.

Writers: Jordan Boos, Ryan Nicholson.

Cast: Glenn Hoffmann, Havana Guppy, Terry Paugh, Kayla Anne Thomas, Ana Paola Dominguez, Kendra Penner, Mary Galloway, Anneliese Washington, Matt O'Mahoney and Melody Ziko.

The mature trailer for Big F&^%ing Monster is here:

Big F&^%ing Monster at Plot Digger Films:

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