Saturday, October 20, 2012

AMC's Fearfest 2012 Brings Living Nightmares with 10 Mini-Docs' !

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AMC's Fearfest 2012 is currently showing over 90 horror classics for the Halloween season. This year's Fearfest is also hosting a Friday the 13th and Halloween movie marathon, which has already begun and will continue this weekend (October. 20th & 21st). All of this great content is being hosted by filmmaker and director Kevin Smith (Clerks).

Fearfest 2012 has also produced a series of short Mini-Docs' to accompany these classic films. There are 10 titles in total. Each short reel of 3-5 minutes deals with a unique human fear. The short film "Blood Work," starring actor Dave Vescio (Lost Soul), chronicles the actual drinking of blood in the greater Los Angeles area. The research and experiences of Det. Pink are retold by Vescio, in this reel. Apparently, there are active blooddrinkers in the San Fernando Valley as we speak! Other notable titles include "Cannibals" with Irina Stemer, the alien focused "Invasion" with actor Bill Oberst Jr. and "Abduction" starring Circus Szalewski. The horrific "Blood Work" is hosted below in its entirety with other episodes available on the AMC Youtube channel or the AMC website.

Director: Steve Peterson.

Creative Director: Ken Carlson.

Producers: Matthew LeBouef, Sean Owolo, David Berrent, and Charlotte Culina.

Cast: Bill Oberst Jr., Dave Vescio, Irina Stemer, and Circus Szalewski.

"Real life events" are chronicled in this "Blood Work" short film:

Most of the Mini-Docs' are hosted at AMC, with some scheduled to be released throughout the month of October:

Mini-Docs' at the AMC

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