Monday, September 17, 2012

Swiss Indie Production Murkwood Seeks International Funding

Fans of David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” may do well to look at a concept-in-action, Murkwood. It will no doubt borrow on some ideas from Lynch's work, and it may move in a different direction so some surprise will come at the end.

This movie is from the mindset of writer/director Alex Boutellier. This 13-year veteran of the Swiss film and TV scene has been producing, writing and directing a fair number of short films—some of which has seen international distribution. His dramatic pieces "A Mile to Midsummer" and "Grooves" can be viewed online.

Interest can potentially be high in a movie described as “fast-paced 90-minute thriller that combines crime drama with psychological horror.” But first, this product is seeking international funding from both investors and fans alike.

The plot revolves around three career criminals Peter Buck, Eddie Coyne and Lucien Thaler. They plot to kidnap the son of a prominent British politician from a Swiss boarding school. Hiding out in the Alps, the men wait for the ransom money. But when tragedy strikes, they end up trapped in a dark wood – held hostage by unseen forces. Hunted and desperate, the kidnappers realize that the worst evil does not lurk in the shadows of the night but in the darkness of their souls. And it is about to be unleashed...

The Swiss Alps may never be seen in the same light again after this film is made.

The teaser trailer can be found online at Youtube here:

To view "Grooves:"

View Grooves at Vimeo

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