Monday, April 02, 2012

Fan Expo: Vancouver's Horrific Aspirations this April 21-22!

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Eastern Canada’s seminal pop culture event, Fan Expo, is set to arrive in the Pacific Northwest on April 21-22. Known as Fan Expo Vancouver (FEV), this two day event promises to have a variety of attractions that should appease the horror entertainment enthusiast.

On the roster are Kristin Bauer, who plays the vampire Pam De Beaufort in "True Blood," and Nicholas Brendon. He played Xandir Harris in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." The entire cast and crew of a new Canadian produced horror flick, “Death Do Us Part” will also be present. In negotiation is the appearance of the entire cast of "The Walking Dead," the hottest show to air on AMC.

Old and new, Senior Event Coordinator James Armstrong from Hobby Star Marketing promises to have a little bit of everything, like comics and anime, for people to enjoy at this show. They can buy collectibles, meet celebrities or partipate in workshops.

“Fan Expo will also be a place for communities to come together,” says Armstrong, “In the past we have noticed that some use the event as a scheduled backdrop for a general meeting or social get together.”

The excitement is a slow build for some, but for others, especially for the coordinators, the work will never be done. This event hopes to bring in approximately 10 to 12,000 people. And these days, the Spring season is rife with events every few weeks. West of the Rockies is Calgary Expo (April 27-29), and Washington State has Emerald City Comic Convention (March 30-April 1). In order for Fan Expo to fit in, Armstrong notes that these events will have to bridge local communities. He believes that it is just a matter of time that smaller groups will hear about what FEV is doing and reach out.

Armstrong also mentioned that a cast and crew of “a popular” web series will be at FEV. Standard Action Series and Hitman 101 is already listed as two groups who will be attendence, but more may be coming. And if that is the team is from the much talked about "Guidestones" or the "Guild," more people can be seen flocking through the doors at the Vancouver Convention Center. But no confirmation has been made yet and Armstrong wants to make the surprise announcement through FEV's main website.

This event organizer does reveal that Space! The Imagination Station will be putting together a presentation for "Primeval: New World." But for East-coasters and those familiar with the the big show in Toronto, where is Rue Morgue’s (RM) Festival of Fear?

“Since we had little time with setting Vancouver dates, due to available facility, RM could not make it work. If all goes well, they will be with us in Vancouver next year,” answers Armstrong.

With CW’s "Supernatural" also filming around the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, other fans may be wondering if Eric Kripke, Jared Padalecki or Jensen Ackles might put in a last minute appearance. Big names cost big money. This event was announced roughly six months to the show date. Amongst event organizers, that is not enough time to get everything needed to be done properly done. Some celebrities may sign on years in advance, but work has to come first. One casualty is Tom Felton of "Harry Potter" fame.

“And we are on a limited budget, so it is unlikely we will have bigger names like these, but if Vancouver fans respond well, we will be back with a bigger budget, and bigger stars,” says Armstrong.

To keep up with the latest announcements, please visit Fan Expo's website:

Fan Expo Vancouver

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