Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bunnyman and Incompetency: A Movie Review

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*a screener of this film was provided by Osiris Entertainment.

Director/writer: Carl Lindbergh.

If you handed an apathetic eight year old a camera and told him or her to shoot a movie, then you would come up with a film like the Bunnyman. This film is not terrible because of its budget or because of laziness, this film is terrible because director Carl Lindbergh is incompetent. Lindbergh does not know how to co-ordinate a film crew or cast to the detriment of the film's audio and characters. The sum of all of his ineptness is another entry into 28DLA's Worst Films for 2011.

Here is the film's story in seven words: six youths encounter a family of cannibals - the end. And these six characters would be classified as mentally retarded on most intelligence tests. When a character dies by murder they roll their eyes and mope about the screen. When they see upside down crosses on the side of the road and bags of bones hanging from the trees they keep going towards their deaths. When these characters are tasked with finding a cabin 100 yards from their position they fall asleep under a tree instead. None of these characters receives even a line of backstory. The incompetency continues.

The audio in this film seems to have been recorded by an untrained gorilla. That gorilla's real name is Darren 'Sunny' Warkentin and Sunny does not know how to control sound levels. The audio is either blasting through the speakers or the dialogue is inaudible. You never know which sound level is coming next as you scramble with the volume controls to try and compensate for someone else's idiocy. Also, the characters act in unbelievable fashion. When a truck runs them off the road, they pull over and have a nap while the villain waits behind them in his own truck. The male characters act like a group of eunuchs. The acting from Cheryl Texeira, Matthew Albrecht, Scott Kuza, Karen Brown Conin and others was atrociously bad. The best any of them can manage is a mope or a bored expression. Sometimes, one of the male characters will try some anger. Did these actors read the script before signing on? Was there a script at all? As well, there are huge pauses in the action and in the audio as characters just drift through scenes. There is no tension here and Lindbergh has no sense of pacing or intensity.

Other reviews mention the stupid characters: "this movie features some of the dumbest characters I've seen in a long time," (Horror Club) or the pacing issues: "this somehow manages to drag on for nearly an hour" (Take). And all of these poor elements equates to an unbelievably atrocious film. The only thing more horrifying than thinking about watching this film again is realizing the Lindbergh has decided to make Bunnyman 2. Avoid both films at all costs.

Overall: 3 out of 10 (this is being generous, atrocious acting, zero character development, no tension, zero sense of pacing, the film is poorly written, continuity errors abound, audio problems, adr and dubbing, poorly written characters, forced tension, meandering story etc.).

*this title released on DVD June 21st. Coincidentally, this was a bad day for film.

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