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Eaters and Your Ticket to a Zombie Road Show: A Movie Review

*here be some spoilers.

Directors: Luca Boni and Marco Ristori.

Writers: Germano Tarricone and Marco Ristori.

Eaters or Eaters: Rise of the Dead is an Italian film in Italian that puts two characters on the road in an apocalypse. Much of the world's population is dead and those remaining shamble the earth forever. This is a tense zombie film that focuses primarily on two characters, Igor (Alex Lucchesi) and Alen (Guglielmo Favilla). Everyone else in the film, including a midget Fascist, are just a small part of this travelling zombie road show.

Much like a circus, this new world is full of perverts, mad scientists, talking zombies and even a bloodsport arena. Igor and Alen encounter all of these situations, but they deal with them in two different ways. Alen, the introvert, would rather use his guile to deal with Carvaggio, a painter of corpses and with others. Igor, the extrovert, would rather charge in bullets flying. These different styles also have differing levels of success. Meanwhile, Gyno is back at the base pulling their strings. He is developing a new and smellier race of humankind.

Luca Boni (Zombie Apocalypse) and Marco Ristori bring an interesting filmmaking style to Eaters. In this film, there is always something happening both in the central plot and in several sideplots. The dialogue is frenetic and the Italian style of fimmaking utilizes a lot more cinematography compared to other countries. There is a lot of beauty between the zombie beatings. As well, this is a darker film than most, with many of the minor characters more than a little crazed. Carvaggio, named after a real life painter, seems to like drawing decapitated heads a little too much. Also, the love story is more tragedy than fulfillment for Alen. After all, it is hard to date the undead, no? All of these elements makes Eaters a mostly unique time, at least for one reviewer.

Eaters is an action or horror film that follows a duo of survivors through a dangerous landscape. Full of bizarre characters, Eaters is a must see for the many zombie fans out there as this Italian style of directing brings a little more flare to the screen in comparison to most North American made films. A fun romp, Eaters is a great way to spend ninety minutes immersed in excitement and a few strange situations. After all, this is the first Hitler-like midget that this reviewer has seen in film, ever!

Overall: 7 out of 10 (light hearted zombie road movie with lots of great dialogue and action)

*available in the United Kingdom.

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