Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Death Valley" and Explosive Endings: A Television Review ("Peace in the Valley")

*here be some spoilers.

Creator: Curtis Gwinn.

Director: Peter Lauer.

Writer: Eric Weinberg.

"Death Valley" ended its twelve show running November 21st with "Peace in the Valley." This was another short episode that packed in a lot of plot developments in twenty minutes. The vampires in the valley declared peace, John John (Texas Battle) and Rinaldi (Tania Raymonde) shared a kiss and a new creature was prowling the San Fernando Valley in murderous style. Only one question remained; will there be a second season?

That question has not been answered yet. In this episode, there was a lot of action and very little comedy. There was an awkward enema at the hospital, but this episode stayed mostly with the tone of drama. The peaceful meeting between the Undead Task Force and the vampires in the city started off well and then, ended badly. John John and Rinaldi are getting closer, while Dashell's niece reveals her new undead status. As well, a full out vampire attack on a hospital showed how quickly vampires can betray their word. All of this and more happened in this short twenty minute episode.

Speaking of which, a Seas. 2 has not been announced for this show and evidence of ratings for "Death Valley" is sparse. So, it is hard to hypothesize whether this show will see a second season. If this series could find a little more comedy in some of the episodes, then MTV's latest production will be a success. However, another addition to the dramatic supernatural genre in the vein of "True Blood" or "The Walking Dead" could seal this series' demise. There is just too much competition in the dramatic undead thriller genre. There needs to be a little more comedy out their in La La Land.

Overall, "Peace in the Valley" capture this viewer's attention with a lot of action a couple humourous moments and even some character development. If you are going to see only one episode of this series, then see this one. There is a lot to be seen in this showing and the filmmakers behind "Death Valley" know how to inject a lot of thrills in just a few minutes.

Overall: 7.5 out of 10 (this was the best show this reviewer saw of Seas. 1 which is only about six episodes, good thrills here, lots of drama, comedy?).

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