Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CW's Supernatural Thinks it is "Time for a Wedding:" A Television Review

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Director: Tim Andrew.

Writers: Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin.

These days, CW’s "Supernatural" is more interested in going back to basics with a monster-of-the-week and inserting the prerequisite meta-episode, “Time for a Wedding,” in before the mid-season comes to a close. The series has a divine storyteller, a person by the name of Chuck Shirley (Rob Benedict) who is chronicling the life and times of Sam and Dean Winchester—which may also include what is happening in season seven with the Leviathans.

Becky Rosen (Emily Perkins) must have tracked down Shirley in order to find where Sam is these days. And with the help of a Crossroads Demon, she is out to win Sam’s heart at a price. That does not bother her. A good part of the episode is for viewers who can put up with the character of Becky. The problem is not because she is obnoxious; there is very little chemistry between the two actors. And this episode is one that is the most painful to watch. This episode is made to draw in new viewers by relying on a teaser trailer of either Sam or Dean getting married.

The return of various characters from previous seasons does not have any big meaning. That may change as the season wears on, but the fact that the brothers are not doing anything to stop the Leviathans shows that they are clearly outclassed. They would rather chase small potatoes since that is all they are really capable of doing.

Nobody except the angels and demons will believe the Winchesters if they tell all the governments and corporations of the earth, if not in the States, that the bigwigs may be possessed by black ooze. Some kind of nuptial with a cosmic force will have to happen with the brothers instead. That is about the only way the Leviathans can be taken care of. As for whom they will ally with, only time will tell. That may not happen until next year. Chuck can be slated to return in future episodes, and he can be asked to write a weakness into the race of Leviathans that the Winchesters can exploit.

The only detail gleamed from this latest episode is that Crowley is keeping his minions out of the Winchesters way. The demons are out hunting Leviathans too, which makes for an interesting change of events. But if Crowley believes that there is supposed to be one huge battle coming up between the Winchester brothers with the Leviathans, this season is shaping up to be the most dragged out fight since World War I. All that is happening is simply attrition.

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