Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Repeater Mixes Mercenaries with the Mexican Mob: Luke Goss to Star

Maya Entertainment has also started production on the crime thriller The Repeater. This title stars Luke Goss (Death Race 2), Bai Ling (Locked Down) and action star Gary Daniels (The Expendables). The film is currently in pre-production, so details are limited. However, a concept poster is available, which features Goss and the tagline: "Find, Kill...Repeat." As well, the film deals with a criminal underworld in Mexico and a mercenary for hire, who must face "the most feared man in the world" (Maya Entertainment).

Unbelievably, actor Luke Goss found his first big break in show business with the British Pop Music world, where he charted at least thirteen singles. This band was formed with his brother, Matt Goss before disbanding over contract disputes with their management. Then, Goss transitioned to stage acting in the play "Grease," in London, England. Cinema awaited. Blade II (2002) would be one of his first roles, before showing in Frankenstein (2005) and later in Bone Dry (2007), as the condemned Eddie. Other achievements include handling production on Universal Picture's Death Race sci-fi series of films, with more than a half dozen other films currently in production. Luke Goss is a serious force in the arts, with his transition from London to Los Angeles only heightening his popularity. Have a look at Goss' latest below, with The Repeater here and inside.

Director: R. Ellis Frazier.

Cast: Luke Goss, Gary Daniels, and Bai Ling.

*status: pre-production.


The Repeater at Maya Entertainment

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