Saturday, August 06, 2011

Faces in the Crowd Brings Actress Milla Jovovich Together with a Serial Killer

Faces in the Crowd has a new official trailer, which shows more of actress Milla Jovovich and of serial killer Tearjerk Jack. In the clip, Milla as Anna Marchant suffers a fall which damages her brain. After recovery she experiences an impairment known as prosopagnosia.

This is a real life neurological deficit that affects the ventral stream of the temporal lobe. This is somewhat near the brain stem, or the lower portion of the brain. Usually, this impairment is caused by lesions in the brain suffered from a stroke, but it would not be hard to imagine a hard fall causing a hemorrage. Any blood on the brain then destroys any brain tissue. Thanks Psych' 337 (Human Perception).

Have a look at the clip below as Anna must face a serial killer. This is difficult for Anna when she is unable to recognize him!

The synopsis for Faces in the Crowd:

"Revolves around a young elementary school teacher named Anna Marchant (Milla Jovovich), who is attacked by a serial killer known only as Tearjerk Jack. She survives, but is left to struggle with a neurological disorder commonly referred to as face-blindness (prosopagnosia).

Only able to recognize voices, she fights to adapt to her diagnosis and the ever-changing faces of those around her. Working with Detective Kerrest (Julian McMahon), Anna races to identify her attacker. All the while the killer is closing in, determined to eliminate this potential witness. Only Anna has seen his face – and he could be anyone" (UHM).

Release Date: 2011.

Director/writer: Julien Magnat.

Cast: Milla Jovovich, Julian McMahon, Michael Shanks, David Atrakchi, Sarah Wayne Callies, Marianne Faithful.

The official trailer for Faces in the Crowd:


Faces in the Crowd at the UHM

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