Friday, August 05, 2011

The Devil's Racecourse Puts You on the Run September 1st (VOD)

Phase 4 Films will release Rick Ganz's (Fear of Clowns) the Devil's Racecourse on video-on-demand September 1st. This is a backwoods thriller, which sees several college students confronting a government conspiracy. This title stars Ashley N. Anderson (Jack Falls), Lucas Beck (Wild Seven) and Jamieson Colburn. Pack your bags light as the trailer for the Devil's Racecourse will put you on the run from mysterious governmental officials and crazed fugitives. More details below.

A synopsis for the film is here:

"On an annual hiking trip, a group of college students find themselves caught in the middle of a government conspiracy. Now they are stalked by those determined to keep this secret from ever getting out" (Phase 4 Films).

Release Date: September 1st, 2011 (Video-on-demand).

Director: Rick Ganz.

Producers:: Jeff Colburn, Brian and Machiran.

Writer: Jeff Colburn.

Producers: Jeff Colburn, Rick Ganz, Brian Machiran, and Andrew Roth.

Cast: Ashley N. Anderson, and Lucas Beck.

*runtime: 78 Minutes.

A trailer for the film can be found here (IMDB):

The Devil's Racecourse at IMDB (Trailer)


The Devil's Racecourse at Phase 4 Films

Music from the feature:

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