Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Zombie Film is Set in Russia and Titled Winter of the Dead: Meteletsa (First Trailer)

A new zombie themed film is roving your way, from Green Studios. The title is Winter of the Dead: Meteletsa and this film was independently shot within Minsk. Usually it is cold there, but the first trailer shows a rash of fires, that are sweeping Eastern Europe. Later, a strange snow develops and some of the those on the ground are changed into something much more animalistic. Have a look at the first trailer for Winter of the Dead: Meteletsa, courtesy of Upcoming Horror Movies, below.

The synopsis for Meteletsa: Winter of the Dead is here:

"A Russian Winter is a terrible thing...... especially if it arrives in mid-July.

Konstantin - a Moscow journalist, hides from the onslaught with the daughter of a local tycoon in a hardware store. Captain Igor Knyazev kranks up the only working tank, whilst his lover, Dasha is running away from her angry husband, who has learned of the pair's betrayal, and wants revenge, regardless of the weather.

Faced with horrifyingly gripping news material, a dedicated cameraman, Vlad, captures the strange events on video as priest Father Michael gets out his trusty axe ... Out amidst the icy storm, something raises its hideous head - a Russian zombie - senseless and merciless!" (UHM).

Release Date: 2011.

Director: Nikolai Pigarev.

Writer: Michael Borzenkov.

Cast: Svetlana Akimova, Aleksandr Abramovich, Sergei Zygmantovich, Alexander Vorobiev, Julia Yudintseva, and Andrei Karako.

The trailer for Winter of the Dead: Meteletsa is here:

The film's fan page can be found here: Winter of the Dead on Facebook


Winter of the Dead at Upcoming Horror Movies

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