Monday, April 18, 2011

Eric Weston's Hyenas set to Chew its Way onto DVD April 18th

There is one notable horror film releasing on DVD April 19th and the title is Hyenas. The film is much like a werewolf film, but substitute the wolf for the hyena. Christa Campbell (Drive Angry 3D) and Costas Mandylor (Saw V) are the principal stars, with Lionsgate Home Entertainment releasing this title. Reviews have not been kind; however, fans of low budget films might find something of value here. More details on this title are below.

The synopsis for Hyenas is here:

"Gannon, a man whose family was brutally murdered. He returns to the scene of the crime to find justice for his family, while seeking his revenge. With the recruitment of the town’s hunter, Gannon learns of a growing breed that hunts in packs waiting to eat you alive. Together they will stop at nothing to bring this growing breed to extinction" (UHM).

Release Date: April 19th (DVD).

Director/writer: Eric Weston.

Cast: Rudolf Martin, Joshua Alba and Andrew James Allen.

The trailer for the film is here (violent situations, sexuality):

*filmed in Los Angeles, California.


Hyenas at Upcoming Horror Movies

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