Thursday, April 21, 2011

CW's Supernatural and the Sisters of Fate: A Television Review ("My Heart Will Go On")

Director: Philip Sgriccia.

Writers: Eric Kripke, Eric C. Carmelo, and Nicole Snyder.

One of the Sisters of Fate has made her cameo in Supernatural's latest episode, "My Heart Will Go On," and fairly soon, the Winchester brothers may meet the other two. Only time will tell since there are only five more episodes before season six wraps up.

With this episode, the duo tries to literally challenge destiny, but learn that, as evident in "Appointment in Samarra," that it's not a good idea to mess with what the Fates have ordained. With Atropos (Katie Walder) leading the charge, this Greek beauty literally decides how everyone dies. She is out to redo what has been undone in the time-space continuum. There really can only be one of them and the angel Balthazar (Sebastian Roché) seems to have this affinity for alternate realities. They can exist and unlike “The French Mistake,” viewers are treated to an episode where the brothers do not realize that their timeline has been altered.

In this alternate universe, the H.M.S. Titanic did not sink. The outcome led to a huge cascading effect to which the brothers have very little control or ability to comprehend. But for the members of The Endless, Death and Destiny (aka Atropos), they do know what the end game is all about. The nod to Neil Gaiman's Sandman universe is evidenced by the fact that the goddess is carrying a book where she scratches out the names of those who are slated to die. But there can be more to the book than what has been revealed. This tome could also spell out the direction in how the winds of change function.

It is not chaotic. Instead, everything is preordained.

And to see how these anthropomorphized phenomenon operate in our world is a nice touch. Instead of the mortal point of view, there’s an immortal one—and they move outside of time and space. To pause the motion of human time and to see how they move about only reveals how they can step in and out of time at whim, thus explaining how these angels and demons simply appear and disappear. While what humans see is a trick of the camera and video editing, to do the opposite could be a hint of what is to come. Viewers may even get to see what Heaven or Hell really looks like.

That can be good and bad; and there is the adage of too much information is bad for you. Not everything has to be revealed. As for Sam, there is the biting need to learn more about what happened during his years of being soulless, and trying to figure out how many deaths he has created that may cause a domino effect. For Sam, this issue will no doubt come back to haunt him. The past few episodes have not dealt with his one-time collapse where the walls Death had erected crumbled. His trapped memories will no doubt come back at least one more time to haunt him. While hints of that time has already happened in "Unforgiven," one episode is not enough to answer all. Those ghosts will return, but they won't appear until the season's finale.

How all the story threads will come together will cumulate to confronting Eve, the Mother of All. That won't happen until “Mommy Dearest,” slated to air April 29th. The brothers will get to finally meet her and Eve is a villain that cannot be defeated, in just one season. After all, death is just the beginning to another adventure, and to send the brothers to the front lines of the war within Heaven can prove to be as interesting, but will that be this season's or next season's finale?

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