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The New Zed Order: Survive and an Undead Revolution: A Book Review

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Author: Todd Sprague.

George Bush Sr. promised a New World Order in 1991, with war in the Persian Gulf already heating up. New world orders have been brought about by the Freemasons, The Knights Templar and many other secret societies to wage war. Now, author Todd Sprague envisions a further bloody revolution in his novel the New Zed Order: Survive. This title was unleashed February 15th, in paperback and e-book versions and this title puts zombies at the top of the political food chain. Unlike George Bush Sr., this novel does not have its sights set on oil rich territory, but on your nightmares.

Lazarus returned from death after four days, thanks to another future zombie, Jesus. The walking dead returned from their graves in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar to foretell doom and in New Zed Order: Survive, millions of the undead resuscitate themselves, as a mysterious shadow government strives for greater power. This undercover secondary party uses a familiar American symbol, with a triangle and eye as their symbol of power. Possibly alluding to Freemasonry, this same moniker appears on the $1 bill, with the words novus ordo seclorum (a new order has begun) below. So, in Sprague's book you that life as we know it will be changed forever.

This change begins in the birthplace of another North American cultural revolution, Mexico. Threats of Cortez and conquistadors are replaced by a rapidly spreading plague, which moves quickly into the territory of Texas. Soon, John, his wife Sara and a whole family clan are finding temporary shelter in Battleboro, Vermont. The New Zed Order is just beginning however, with 95% of the world's infected already returning to establish a dominant and persistent presence on the globe. But who is behind the infection?

The novel gently hints at an anti-government militia, who are touched upon briefly in this first novel. They terrorize the living, while using the undead to do their dirty work. They seem to have taken a page out of Muammar Gaddafi's playbook, with hundreds of mercenary Africans replaced by millions of mindless automatons vying to take over the country of America. In the face of so much firepower, a burgeoning community in Vermont must actively pursue information on those initiating this New World Order.

Just as interesting as reading of Alexander the Great's conquests through Asia, or Hannibal's victories into the shoe of Italy, the New Zed Order: Survive breathes excitement through militaristic action. And just as the tribes of Israel sought shelter from the Egyptians, the family clans of the Masons and the Kensingtons band together to find reprieve from the swarms of the undead. Zombie thriller fans will be satisified with Sprague's first grasp for power in a thriving zombie fiction genre, with the New Zed Order: Survive.

Overall: 8 out of 10 (steady action, survivalist tactics and believable actions make this novel an easy recommend).

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