Thursday, March 24, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles or Battle of Los Angeles: You Decide

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What if you wanted to knock-off Jonathan Liebesman's Battle: Los Angeles and you only had 1% of the budget? Well, you would still have 700K and you could name your film something very similar like Battle of Los Angeles. This is what The Asylum is known for and 700K is not the budget of their latest.

In 2007, The Asylum tried to capitalize on the blockbuster I Am Legend, with I Am Omega. The result was a decent film (I Am Omega Review). The Asylum has copied other looming big budget films like Transformers, with Transmorphers and James Cameron's Titanic with Shane Van Dyke's forgettable Titanic II (A Titanic II Review). How will Battle of Los Angeles fare? That depends on movie watchers inability to decipher the good, Battle: Los Angeles from the arguably bad, Battle of Los Angeles. The first trailer for the latter is below, courtesy of Quiet Earth.


"They don't come in peace."

The synopsis for Battle of Los Angeles:

"In February 1942 US forces engaged an unidentified flying object above Los Angeles. Now almost 70 years later, the alien invaders have returned" (The Asylum).

Release Date: March 22, 2011 (DVD).

Director/writer/cinematography: Mark Atkins.

Producers: David Michael Latt, David Rimawi, and Paul Bales.

Starring: Kel Mitchell, Nia Peeples, and Theresa Jun-Tao.

The low budget trailer for the film is here:

More details on this film can be found at The Asylum:

Battle of Los Angeles at The Asylum


Battle of Los Angeles at Quiet Earth

Can you spot the difference:

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