Monday, February 28, 2011

Scream of the Banshee to Shatter Viewership Records on SyFy March 26th!

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Director Steven C. Miller's (Automaton Transfusion) and writer Anthony C. Ferrante's (Headless Horseman) Scream of the Banshee will be debuting on the SyFy channel Saturday, March 26th, at 9:00pm. This will be the SyFy's "200th Saturday Original Movie," (SyFy) which SyFy reminds viewers has been full of "vengeful demon moths, pterodactyls, werewolves...really big snakes," (SyFy) and now disembodied spirits! This will be the television premiere of Scream of the Banshee, which notably stars Lance Henriksen and Lauren Holly. More details on this shrieking film are below.

The synopsis for Scream of the Banshee is here:

"When a college Professor opens up a strange, ornate box discovered in the basement of a University, she and her students hear a horrifying scream belonging to that of a bloodthirsty banshee. They think nothing of it, until that scream begins to haunt all that heard it in strange and surreal ways. According to Irish lore, if you hear a Banshee scream, you will die – which is what starts happening to them one by one, as the creature starts taking their lives…" (After Dark Originals).

Release Date: March 26th, 2011 (Television Premiere).

Director: Steven C. Miller.

Writer: Anthony C. Ferrante.

Cast: Lauren Holly, Lance Henricksen, Monica Acosta, Eric F. Adams, Marcelle Baer, Edrick Browne, and Leanne Cochran.

*A trailer is unavailable.

**"enjoying a robust ratings surge, a Syfy Saturday Original Movie has broken the two million total viewers mark for six straight months" (SyFy).

More on Scream of the Banshee at the After Dark Originals:

Scream of the Banshee at AFDO

Damned by Dawn is another banshee themed film, which was released in 2010 by Image Entertainment and director Brett Anstey:

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