Saturday, January 22, 2011

Horror Fans Ready to Harvest Maya Entertainment's Zombie Farm through Video-on-demand February 11th

A new zombie genred film is growing the undead on the horizon and this latest feature was shot in Lafayette, Louisiana. Zombie Farm will be available in both Spanish and English beginning February 11th (video on demand), with a DVD release March 8th. Watch the voodoo madness below, as zombie assassins threaten local townfolk!

The synopsis for Zombie Farm is here:

"Part zombie, part voodoo! Desperate to end her husband’s domestic abuse, a young woman seeks asylum from a local voodoo priestess. When warned that her husband (Khotan) may 'change' if given a special potion, the abused wife is relieved. But waking up in bed next to a zombie isn’t exactly the transformation she was hoping for. Her once violent husband becomes the leader of a zombie uprising, terrorizing, and then converting the townsfolk into un-dead assassins. Clearly, some things are far worse than death" (Zombie).

Release Date: Feb 11th (Video-on-demand), March 8th (DVD).

Director/writer: Ricardo Isla.

Cast: Adriana Catano, Khotan, Nadia Rowinsky, Monika Munoz and Roberto Montecinos.

A grainy trailer for this picture is here:

More details on Zombie Farm can be found on Facebook:

Zombie Farm on FB


Zombie Farm at Dread Central

A similar titled film was released in 2007 from director B. Luciano Barsuglia. Amazon links to this horror feature are below:

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