Monday, January 10, 2011

Dog Blood and Lapping Up the Thrills: A Movie Review

Author: David Moody.

Highly acclaimed, David Moody's second book, set in a warring, disease ridden world, is full of action and family conflict. Dog Blood is part of a trilogy, which began with Hater and will end with Them or Us, in 2011. This novel is full of vicious and gruesome battles, as central character Danny McCoyne, a Hater, slices through those called the Unchanged. A blood-thirsty killer, Danny seeks his daughter, Ellis and this novel's pages seem to fly by like a zombie fueled on amphetamine.

Some have noted that that the novel progresses much like a hero's journey, with Danny overcoming challenges to reach his far off goal. But, there is more here. There is the difficulty of controlling a virus which rages through Danny's bloodstream and the challenge of outmaneuvering a zealous, ever searching military. The road to his daughter is fraught with dangers and the thrilling situations are what keep the pages forever turning.

Another endeavor that Danny must overcome to reach his daughter is penetrating an enemy encampment, which is heavily fortified. The way Danny accomplishes this task is through luck mostly, while being in the right place at the right time. Mixing with his foes is almost too much, as Danny suppresses his violent nature thanks to Unchanged doctor, named Mallon. The infection flowing through his body amplifies aggressive impulses and degenerates carriers into an almost animal-like state. Rising above instinct is the key that Danny needs to enter the base camp.

Beginning with a bang and staying tense, Dog Blood creates many situations that could turn fatalistic and the dangers that Danny finds himself in will keep reader's adrenalin pumping. Other events that produce affect include the horrifying way that the Unchanged deal with the Haters. They are dissected in slaughterhouses, or rehabilitated with torture. But both groups look the same and so defending oneself from another who does not look any different brings some subdued thrills.

This second book in the Hater trilogy is a must read for those into zombie or infection fueled literature. Purposeful, polarizing, and exciting, Dog Blood demands that you pick a side, but the side that most will pick will put many on the side of the killers. Pick this one up for a quick read and check out a prequel to this story called "Everything and Nothing," which is a free download (link below).

More info' on the Hater trilogy is found here and the download for "Everything and Nothing" is also at this location:

The Hater Trilogy Official Website

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DJ Moody's Homepage

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