Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Indie Zombie Alert: Zombie Driftwood Washing up on DVD Store Shelves December 9th

This zombie lover is not sure whether to set these undead on fire, or run from them. This latest independent film entitled Zombie Driftwood is from prolific film documenter Bob Carruthers, and the plotline follows a sinking or sunken cruise ship. The passengers are then strangely turned into zombies! The results of this unfortunate and transformative event can be seen in the trailer for Zombie Driftwood inside.

The synopsis for Zombie Driftwood:

"Three world-weary drinkers and two young holidaymakers hanging out in the Driftwood Bar learn to their surprise that a cruise ship which has disappeared in the Bermuda triangle has materialized off the coast of Grand Cayman.

The passengers and crew are now zombies and a frantic siege ensues as the zombie cruise passengers strive to overpower the beleaguered defenders who are equipped only with Caybrew, Seven Fathoms rum …and one machete between seven!" (Trailer).

Release: December 9, 2010 (DVD).

Director: Bob Carruthers.

Writer: Phil Eckstein.

Cast: Brian Braggs, Rita Estevanovich, and Peter Kosa.

The trailer can be seen here, but is it really a movie clip:

More details on the film will be posted here:

The Zombie Driftwood Homepage


Zombie Driftwood @ Trailer Addict

The film's soundtrack was released November 9th:

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