Saturday, November 06, 2010

AFM 2010: The Dead and the Damned Showing November 6th in Santa Monica

The Dead and the Damned is a zombie film set in the wild west. Here, prospectors and pioneers come under the influence of a fallen meteor, which releases an "aggressive virus" (AFM). This film is currently at the American Film Market, with a showing today (November 6th). In preparation for the presentation, a new movie poster is available left, which shows off the main characters both good and bad. Hopefully, a wise distributor picks up the film for horror fans everywhere. Re-visit the film's trailer inside.

The film's synopsis:

"The wild west! Gold miners unearth an ancient meteor which they believe contains precious emeralds encased within. They crack it open and unwittingly release an aggressive virus which transmutes everyone in town into mindless ravenous mutants" (AFM).

Release Date: November 6th (Limited Showing).

Director/writer: Rene Perez.

Cast: David A. Lockhart, Camille Montomery, Rick Mora, and Robert Amstler.

The trailer for The Dead and the Damned:

The film's website:

The Dead and the Damned Website w/Stills

The film at the AFM:

The Dead and the Damned at the AFM

Another recent zombie film where the virus is caused by a falling meteor:

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