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Lightning Entertainment is Set to Release the Post-apocalyptic Deadland on DVD November 23rd

Deadland Movie Poster
Deadland is an independent film from Deadeye films, which has won at least sixteen awards. Award highlights include Best Feature at several film festivals, Best Director, Best Actor (Gary Weeks), and many more. The film has received praise in reviews as well and now the film will move from the film festival circuit to DVD and video-on-demand November 23rd. Lightning Entertainment will host the distribution, with DVD extras below.

The film begins with a nuclear strike and the beginning of World War III. Sometimes, with film, it is fun to contemplate the origins of a story, when answers are not obviously apparent. So who would attack the US? Would it be China, who the US is in debt to for trillions of dollars? Would it be Russia, who is now twenty-five years behind the US in technology and science, or a nuclear emerging Iran? China makes the most sense, but thankfully nuclear war has been a thing of the imagination for sixty-five years now. Those interested in this film can check out the trailer below and pre-order yourself a copy of the DVD inside.

Deadland's suspenseful synopsis:

"World War III's nuclear strikes on the U.S. have set the nation back 200 years; money holds no worth, food is impossible to find, and hope is all but lost when every survivor of the war is infected by a fatal nuclear plague. Deadland is a post-apocalyptic tale of an ordinary man, Sean Kalos, driven on only one purpose: to find his missing wife in the new United Provinces. What was designed to be the new rebirth has become martial-law, and the Officers of the Province wield their power with cruelty. When Sean crosses them, he finds himself in the middle of a personal war, and his search for his wife dominoes into what could be the revolution the survivors have been waiting for" (Lightning).

Release Date: November 23rd, 2010 (VOD, DVD).

Director: Damon O'Steen.

Writer: Gary Weeks.

Cast: Gary Weeks, Brian Tee, William Katt, Harrison Page, Chad Matthews, Cullen Douglas, Emily-Grace Murray, Philip Boyd, Mike Lutz, and Branden Waits.

This is an early trailer for the film. The most updated and recent version is at the Lightning Entertainment website, found below.

The film's fan page; jump on-board:

Deadland on Facebook

The film's homepage:

Deadland's Homepage

Deadland at Lightning Enterainment w/trailer:

Deadland at LE

*DVD extras include: a behind the scenes featurette, commentary, deleted scenes, and more (Deadlands).

This titled will be reviewed in a couple weeks, but most initial reactions are positive:

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