Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Step into this Horrifying Preview for The Cold

There is some early news developing on Iron Circle Picture's The Cold. This film will take on the ancient first nation's legend of the Wendigo, with some members of the story succumbing to cannibalistic urges. If you are not familiar, the Wendigo is an Algonquian myth which could/can transform into human figures. Filming on this feature is expected to begin in the Winter of 2010 (UHM) and Hayden Christensen will star. More details below.

The synopsis for The Cold is here;

"7 friends head off into the wilderness to begin their annual hunting trip. As a snow storm gathers the big white out begins. Snowed in, cold and isolated, the men begin to question their friendship and loyalties. Soon, they are terrorized by an unseen beas;, what is stalking them? Is it the cold? Starvation? or has The Wendigo come to hunt them down?" (UHM).

Release Date: 2011.

Director: Daniel Calparsoro.

Writer: Russell Friedenberg.

Cast: Hayden Christensen.

A longer synopsis for The Cold can be found at Iron Circle Productions:

The Cold at Iron Circle


The Cold at Upcoming Horror Movies

Another horror thriller that takes place in a very cold environment:

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