Monday, August 30, 2010

Indie Short Alert: iPsycho on the Airwaves Right Here

Director Chris Notarile has sent along his latest short film - iPsycho. The film is for mature audiences due to language and the film involves a serial killer stalking a podcast talk show host. The entire fifteen minute short is below. So, step inside the mind of one demented fan, who has high standards for what goes out on the air.

Notarile describes the film as:

"[iPsycho] is a horror thriller with tones most familiar with When A Stranger Calls."

Director/writer: Chris Notarile.

Cast: Kim Santiago, Cheryl Alessio, DeVille Vannik and Christopher Piccione.

The entire short here:

Other shorts from Notarile are here:

Notarile at Blinky Productions

Fans of this film can pick up Methodic from the same director:

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