Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Eastern Army Nominated for Four Awards at the Action on Film Int' Film Fest'

Pasadena will host the Action on Film International Film Festival from July 23rd until July 30th. This is the second year that the city has hosted the event and the 2010 schedule is robust. Over a hundred film's will showcase at the festival. Horror highlights include shorts like Clemency (review here), The Elusive Man
(article), Aaaagh! A Monster!, and Evil Powers
to full features like the sci-fi influenced The Eastern Army.

The Eastern Army is a film that stands out at the festival for incorporating so many genres in to the writing. The film covers action. with an apocalyptic world introducing science fiction and fantasy elements. This surreal world also hosts horrifying scenes and dramatic dialogue between conflicted characters. Already, the film has been nominated for four awards at the event and this film is for those who like a little something from each genre. Rewatch the trailer for the film below and check out the full Action on Film 2010 schedule inside.

The synopsis for The Eastern Army here:

"In a post-apocalyptic future mankind survives by either killing or hiding. The only hope is that the mythic Eastern Army will one day come and re-build society. A stranger (David Sakurai) arrives at a small settlement to cheat the inhabitants out of food and information by making them believe he is from the army. That ten-year-old Jessica (Mia Dinitzen) believes in him nags him with guilt. When a gang of killers and their ruthless leader (Danny Thykær) arrive to kill the inhabitants the stranger has to choose between running away or changing his life to save Jessica - and will the Eastern Army rescue them in time" (Phenomena)?

Release Date: July 24th and 25th (North American Premiere).

Director/writer: Philip Th. Pedersen.

Cast: David Sakurai, Danny Thykær, Ole Kristian Thomassen, Benjamin Sitrit, Magnus Bruun Nielsen, Morten Pøhlsgaard, Russel Collins, Maja Muhlack and Mia Dinitzen.

The trailer for The Eastern Army here:

*The film is nominated for four awards: Breakout Action Star, Best Villain, Best Costumes, and Best Action Film.


Saturday, July 24 at 5:15 pm

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Sunday, July 25 at 6pm

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The film's production company:

The Eastern Army at Phenomena Pictures

The full 2010 film schedule (enormous):

The 2010 Action on Film Schedule

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