Friday, June 11, 2010

Plague Closes out Film Friday with a Hurrah!

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Plague is a short film of fifteen minutes from the young director and writer Matt Simpson and Anthead Films, which is based in Perth, Australia. The film was funded completely on its own with volunteers offering their time as zombies, gun runners, human traffickers etc. In the film central character Vilhelm arrives in London as an illegal immigrant only to find the country overrun with a deadly virus (Anthead). A welcome addition to Film Friday, the entire Plague short feature is located below with a few more details on filming, cast and crew inside.

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The synopsis for Plague:

"Plague is a horror short focusing on an isolated journey into the unknown. We follow Vilhelm, an illegal migrant and gun runner, who is trying to make a new beginning.

When he arrives in London, The dead rise and consume the living. Can Vilhelm escape the bloodbath" (Anthead)?

Release Date: September 2009.

Director/writer/editor: Matt Simpson.

Co-direcor: Joseph Avery.

Producer: Frances Moylan.

Cast: Costa Ronin, Joseph Avery, Mark Powney, and Carl Reader.

The feature for Plague available here:

PLAGUE - OFFICIAL SCREENER from Matt Simpson on Vimeo.

Several photo stills from production on this film are available at the Anthead film page found here:

Plague at Anthead Films

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