Saturday, May 29, 2010

Say Aaah! Zombies! in this First Clip

Aaah! Zombies! is a Level 33 Entertainment production that rightfully blends horror with zombie and a little romance. The film will release September 28th and this trailer shows a group of friends turning into "super soldiers" by way of a toxic spill. The laughs unfold as four friends become very strange by accident while seeing life through rose coloured lenses. Plus, have a watch as two zombie characters make out, grotesquely, in this award winning feature (Screamfest Audience Award Winner).

The synopsis for Aaah! Zombies! here:

"Turning the zombie film on its head, "Aaah! Zombies!!" is an oddball comedy from the perspective of the brain munching monsters themselves" (Aaah!).

Release Date: September 28, 2010.

Director: Matthew Kohnen.

Writers: Matthew Kohnen and Sean Kohnen

Cast: Matthew Davis, Betsy Beutler, Colby French, Julianna Robinson, and Joel McCrary.

The trailer for the film here:

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