Thursday, May 27, 2010

Golden Earrings to Shine Darkly at Dances with Films June 8th

Golden Earrings is a psychological thriller that is gearing up for a westcoast premiere at the Dances with Films Film Festival Tuesday, June 8th. This independent film has won "Best Horror Feature" at the Indie Spirit Film Festival and continues to build momentum with a "Hitchcockian style" of film directing from Marion Kerr (Golden). Have a look at a preview of a film where one woman's dependency on another causes a mysterious disappearance.

The synopsis for Golden Earrings:

""How well do you know your best friends? Golden Earrings is a psychological thriller about a young woman whose highly dependent relationship with her roommate is more than simple friendship. Ronnie and Sara are best friends and to Ronnie, Sara is more than just her friend. And when Sara disappears, Ronnie's world becomes unraveled as she copes with Sara's disappearance and her guilt over her own involvement. Sometimes your friends are not who you think they are" (Dances).

Release Date: June 8th (Limited Release).

Director/writer: Marion Kerr.

Cast: Julia Marchese, John T. Woods, Lauren Mora, Teddy Goldsmith, Anthony Dimaano, and Lois Kerr.

A trailer for Golden Earrings can be found here

Golden Earrngs Trailer on Youtube

Golden Earrings at Dances with Films:

Golden Earrngs at DWF

Golden Earrings on Facebook:

Golden Earrings on FB

Golden Earrings on Twitter:

Golden Earrings on Twitter

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