Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ghost Don't Exist and the Testing of Faith

Ghosts Don't Exist follows a ghost hunter who has lost his faith in the existence of paranormal hauntings (ghosts). In order to jumpstart his belief friends send him to a guaranteed site that is full of spirits and here the chaos begins. Have a look at this movie clip that tests one man's faith and pushes others to their breaking points.

The synopsis for Ghost Don't Exist here:

"The story revolves around a popular ghost hunter who is losing faith in what he believes and is about to retire. He decides to take one last case when a potential client guarantees to provide the proof he's been looking for. Upon arriving at the home, the client announces that he will make good on the promise by contacting the team himself ... from the beyond" (Dread).

Release Date: Unknown (International rights sold, no domestic).

Director/writer: Eric Espejo.

Cast: Philip Roebuck, Devon Marie Burt, Joe Hansard, Josh Davidson, Frederick Cowie, Ted Taylor, Katie Foster, Chris Cooley, Chris Kennedy, and Lindsay Czarniak.

The trailer for Ghosts Don't Exist here (barely nsfw - swearing):

More details on the film will be published here:

Ghosts Don't Exist Homepage


Ghosts Don't Exist on Dread Central

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