Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Haunted Returns on DVD April 13th

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The horror title review site Upcoming Horror Movies has announced the DVD release of the series The Haunted. Apparently The Haunted released in 2002 with Matthew Fox (Lost) in the lead. The series ran for one season until cancellation and now these ill-fated episodes show sporadically on HDnet (Wiki). If you are also unfamiliar with the series a synopsis is below.

The plot summary for The Haunted (2002):

"Police officer Frank Taylor had the perfect job and perfect family. After his son's unsolved abduction, his life, marriage and career disintegrate. He leaves the force to become a private investigator specializing in missing and abducted children cases. His ex-wife has come to terms with the loss of their child, but Frank is obsessed with one day finding their son.

One day Frank's life is forever changed while trying to apprehend Simon, a man linked to several child abductions who eludes the police. A fatal clash leaves Simon dead and Frank in critical condition. As the doctors try to save his life, Frank has a near-death experience in which he sees his missing son.


When Frank regains consciousness, he finds that the dead can communicate with him, and that their confusing and frightening manifestations are usually intended to help him in his work. Some of the dead however—including Simon—abuse his new abilities to intentionally mislead or harm him" (Wiki).

Release Date: April 13 (DVD - 4 x 3).

Directors: Vern Gillum, Peter Markle, Martha Mitchell, Jeffrey Reiner, Michael Rymer, Rick Wallace, Jerry Levin, and Bradford May.

Writers: Andrew Crosby, Moira Kirland, Rob Wright, and Rick Ramage.

Cast: Matthew Fox, Russell Hornsby, Lynn Collins Michael Irby, John Mann, Bree Michael Warner, Alec Ledd and Maria Arce

The Haunted wrapped up in under two minutes:

No announced Extra Features thus far, runtime is 460 minutes.

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