Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Torturer and the Tortured: A Movie Review

Director/writer: Graham Green.

Writer: Richard Loranger.

There is an old Irish saying: "don't talk about religion or politics." Unfortunately, director Graham Green goes against this advice and so here is the film The Torturer. The film is extremely low action, dramatic, and message heavy. Despite the fact that The Torturer is an advertiser here on, only some positive bias will enter this review.

The Torturer
begins with an unnamed, hooded figure being brought in to an undisclosed location for unpleasant times. The film shifts back and forth between a psychologist's office and a scene of torture. Sometimes a random white van will pop onto the screen, for what no one knows yet. The scenes are interwoven with a strong message about political corruption, atrocities, and the lawlessness of the current political climate. Pretty light stuff, right?

Not only is the subject matter not light, but the film does not come across as entertaining. The focus on dialogue and the lack of exterior shots might make one feel like they are the ones being tortured. Viewers might recognize Nichelle Nichols or Andrew Walker, but even their dramatic performances cannot help out a film that incites the viewer to revolution. Viva la Revolucion!

The Torturer is more about protest than entertainment. So, if you are looking to overthrow the government, or if you are a radical anarchist then this film is for you. If, like this reviewer, you try your best to stay away from the news, or if you are looking for some escapism then this film is not for you. Keep making those films Graham, just throw in a few car chases in the next one and a few more characters.

Acting/belivability/evenness: 7.
Social/philosophical significance/message: 7.
Directing/staging of action/effectiveness: 5.
Photography/camera techniques/lighting: 6 (the lights stay on).

Overall: 6.25.

*Note: the lights stay on, the camera is rolling, and there is no dubbing, so the film gets an automatic 5.

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