Friday, February 05, 2010

This Daddy' Girl Trailer will Dilate Your Pupils out of Fear and Shock

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Daddy's Girl has a sexy, but deadly look, in this second poster for the film. Director Chris R. Notarile tells me that Zoe Sloane was his third choice to play Jess (seen left). Creative differences led to two other actresses being removed from the film. Fans of independent horror can check out Zoe Sloane speaking into the camera about murder in this first trailer, for Daddy's Girl, below. The film will be available once production is complete. More details below.

The synopsis for Daddy's Girl here:

"Jessica Hailey (Zoe Sloane), by day, is your typical girl next door. At first glance, she is sweet, innocent, charming and outgoing. But the real Jessica is something much darker and sadistic. By night, Jessica is a twisted, deviant sociopath. She is manipulative and highly sexual with a heart of ice. To know the real Jessica is a scary thing (Blink)."

Release Date: 2010-2011.

Director/writer: Chris R. Notarile.

Cast: Brandon Slagle, Kim Santiago, and John Wesley Shipp.

As promised an early trailer for Daddy's Girl (don't mess with this girl!):

More details will be posted at the film's official website: