Monday, December 21, 2009

Plaguers and WTF: A Movie Review

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Director/writer: Brad Sykes.

Plaguers was recently released on DVD through Image Entertainment and the film successfully blends other science-fiction films into one, but what else does Plaguers accomplish? The answer is not much. Yes, the camera and lights stay on during the production, while the sound department figures out that dubbing is a poor option, yet, Plaguers is best described as "just a hodge podge of stuff we've all seen before" (DigitallyObsessed).

The bare bones plot follows the spaceship Pandora and a small crew, who encounter several stranded space stewardesses on a derelict craft (no, seriously). These purple out-fitted sirens of the future attempt to hijack Pandora and in the ensuing chaos a power supply, known as Thanatos, breaks open killing or infecting one of the stewardesses. Now there are zombies in space, which basically sums up Brad Sykes' plot.

Plaguers gets a passing grade for accomplishing the basics of filmmaking i.e. lights, camera, action (no dubbing). However, the film offers zero character development, social message, or creativity. As well, the film borrows heavily from Aliens. Alexis Zibolis plays the Ripley a la Aliens in the film and Steve Railsback as Tarver plays Bishop from the same film. Bishop or Tarver re-enacts the scene from Aliens where Bishop crawls through miles of duct to reset a satelite. Except this time Bishop or Tarver fails in his attempt to keep the plot moving forward. Other films are re-enacted on screen, but mostly Plaguers is an unsubtle homage to Aliens.

The film offers some interesting cat-fights and some curious make-up effects via the Resident Evil franchise. Two melees between different female characters take place and viewers, while briefly captivated, will ask why? Why was this film made? And why are the stewardesses now coughing up black phlegmy hairballs? The appearance of Nemesis in the final act is not enough to save the film (see Resident Evil III VG').

Often in low-budget horror, or science-fiction cinema there is a jewel in the heart of the film that gives hope to the viewer. Sadly, Plaguers does not have much hope, not even for a sequel. What Plaguers does have is comedy, whether intentional or otherwise. Keep trying Brad Sykes this funny bone thanks you.

Acting/believability/consistency: 5 (Alexis Zibolis is no Sigourney Weaver).
Photography/composition/lighting: 5.5 (all the cameras are turned on, check).
Plot/story/treatment/attitude: 5.25 (a lot more attention here Brad, wink, wink).

Overall: 5.25 out of 10 (Damn, zombies in space was such a good idea)!

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