Thursday, November 12, 2009

Slaughtered Finishes out the AFM with a Bucket of Blood!

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A film that played at the American Film Market this week and at the Grimfest UK in 2009 Slaughtered aka Schooner of Blood is a film with a bite. From the dark mind of Kate Glover the film follows the myth of Ivan Milat who inspired the 2005 film Wolf Creek. Not for the squeamish a short trailer is available for fans of horror along with an unofficial one-sheet poster seen left. Check out all the details available until a North American release date is announced.

The synopsis for Slaughtered here:

"A masked killer terrorizes the young bar staff at a remote Australian pub. As night falls, and the body count rises, it's not just the drinkers who are the ones getting slaughtered."

Director: Kate Glover.

Writer: Kate Glover.

Cast: Chloe Boreham, Christopher Tomkinson, Cassandra Swaby

A teaser trailer for Slaughtered here:

More details on Slaughtered can be found at the official homepage:

Slaughtered Homepage

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